Terms & Conditions of Use


1. Shipping rates on the website are based on Continental US addresses only.  International shipping and shipping to Hawaii and Alaska can be obtained by contacting xsrcjets@gmail.com.  Placing an order to be shipped to an address outside the Contiental US without first obtaing a shipping price can be voided at HSDJETSUSA's discresion.  Any credit card fees charged to HSDJETSUSA during a voided order, will not be refunded when the order is voided.

2. HSDJETSUSA reserves the right to modify the customer's shipping carrier preferences when the customer's preferred carrier refuses to accept the item based on size, value or other circumstances.  In cases where the cost to ship the item exceeds what the customer paid during purchase, HSDJETSUSA may send an invoice for the remainder of the shipping cost balance.  No airplanes will be shipped via USPS.  Selecting USPS for the shipping option for an airplane will result in the item being shipped via the Ground service carrier.  

3. HSDJETSUSA cannot guarantee how long the shipping agent (USPS, UPS or FedEx) will take to deliver an order.  HSDJETSUSA contracts with each shipping agent to minimize time in transit, however, has no control over circumstances within the shipping agent's control once the order departs our warehouse.  HSDJETSUSA makes great efforts to ship orders within two business days of the order being placed and in most cases, the majority of orders are shipped within one business day.   HSDJETSUSA's warehouse(s) is closed on weekends and all national holidays.  

Warranty, Return Requests and Cancelled Orders:

It is highly recommended when receiving a new airplane, that the customer remove all items from the shipping carton and test all electronic and mechanical functions prior to gluing any parts to the plane, or discarding the origional packaging and related boxing.  Planes that have been assembled and flown are not accepted for return under any circumstances.

Warranty of any item, ends when the item has been flown (complete plane, part, electronic, receiver, etc) or when a period of 10 business days have occured from the date the item was delivered to the purchaser on, whichever occurs first. 

Any item that is deemed defective from manufacture defect, will be accepted for return or replaced.  Customers wanting authorization for a return must contact HSDJETSUSA hsdjetsusacustomercare@gmail.com or customerservice@xsrcjets.com within 10 business days of delivery of the item (facebook messages, forum messages or phone texts do not suffice for warranty or return requests).  Customer Service will communicate with the customer (via email) and will whenever practical ship a replacement part or parts (at no cost to the customer).  If the item cannot be repaired or made to be similar to new operating condition, by replacement parts, HSDJETSUSA will coordinate with the customer for the return of the defective item and it's replacement with a new properly working item.  No item will be accepted for return for any reason if the origional box and or packaging was discarded or destroyed.  No item will be accepted for return is it has been marked, labeled, defaced, painted, had velcro applied to it, has had any items removed from inside of it, has had any foam, paint or other material removed, has had any tie wraps removed, or has been damaged or departed in any way.  No warranty is transferrable. 

Customer Induced Return- Parts that have been opened and/or used in any way, will not be accepted for return.  Airplanes, parts and accessories that are unopened, unflown, untouched and all contents are still sealed inside of the origional plastic bagging and packaging may be returned (up to a period of 60 days following delivery) at the customer's expense and exchanged for a different item with dollar for dollar credit, minus a 10% restocking fee.   Batteries will not be accepted for return under any circumstances.

The mechanical, electrical and related parts and components of the 747, T33 and F-16 landing gear (both EDF and Turbine) are only warrantied if operated from proper pavement surfaces.  "Grass" fields are inherantly subjective and can feature many different actual surface conditions that vary from location to location.  These "grass" surfaces often pose operational challenges to the complex and scale 747, T33 and F-16 landing gear and components.  Geotex, petromat, vinyl or fabric runways are NOT considered "Pavement".   Operation of the 747, T33 or F-16 from any surface other than "Pavement" voids all warranties. 

Receiving a complex PNP model airplane that was mass produced and shipped over the distances of multiple continents, does pose a small risk of shipping damage to occur.  Expecting perfection with the size of the shipping carton and the distance shipped is simply not realistic.  Mass produced foam airplanes do have a small chance of containing minor cosmetic imperfections that can occur during the manufacturing processes.  It is assumed that purchasers of items of this complexitivy, possess the pre-requisite modelling skills to repair minor cosmetic blemishes, minor defects or minor shipping damage.   Kit airplanes feature no such warranty on anything other than the quality of the foam and paint.  

All flying airplane models need to inspected by the pilot prior to flight no matter the monetary cost level or completion level.  PNP models are pre assembled.  The buyer or pilot must inspect all components, parts, servos, etc., and flying surfaces prior to flying.   Turbine aircraft models should only be operated by person qualified to do so and must possess a valid Turbine Pilot Waiver from the Aeronautical Modeler's Association before flying any such model.

Cancelled orders (even those that haven't yet shipped from the warehouse) are subject to a 10% restocking fee of the total order amount (including any shipping charged).  Orders, where the customer selected "Warehouse Pickup" that are not picked up within 15 business days are considered abandoned and cancelled and refunded minus the 10% restocking fee.  

Refusing delivery from the shipping agent- A customer refusing delivery from the shipper constitutes a "customer induced return" (see above) and a 10% restocking fee will be billed as well as the return shipping.  If the shipment arrives damaged, simply notify us by email at Customerservice@xsrcjets.com with your order number, tracking number, and photos of the damage.   We will be happy to file a claim with the shipping agent and ship a replacement (when appicable).

HSDJETSUSA reserves the right to refuse or deny service to any person, customer, consumer, entity, business or dealer for any reason, at any time.  Persons, customers, consumers, entities, business' or dealers who have been notified that they have been refused service or otherwise banned, who continue to submit orders, will have any order cancelled and will only be refunded up to 90% of the transaction price.     

All discounted, opened or damaged box, and preowned aircraft are sold “as is“ and do not carry a warranty, neither expressed, nor implied.