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AS150 Charge Lead*

№: rcjaschargelead

Charger Leads for AS150 Equipped Batteries

AS150 to EC5 Adapter*

№: rcjas150adapter

Battery plug adapter for connecting AS150 devices or planes to EC5 equipped batteries. Not for voltage above 6S Lipo. Not for use in 12S edf jets.

AS150 to EC5 High Voltage Series Y Harness*

№: rcjasyharness

High Voltage Series Y Harness for connecting EC5 equipped batteries to the AS150 ESC's. For optional use in the HSDJETS 105mm F-16's, 120mm T33's, F-86's and L-39's.

RC Jetwerx 2S 2200 30C Lipo Battery Pack

№: RCJ2S2200

RCJETWERX brand 2S 2200mah, 30c Perfect for all HSDJETS PNP planes that use the MFC2085 or MFC2065 Receiver pack. Now includes a pwm connection in addition to the XT60 discharge lead. 113 grams 107x33x16 Xt60 plug and pwm plug, 14awg wire

RC Jetwerx 2S 5000 30C Lipo

№: rcj2s5000

RC Jetwerx brand 2S (7.4v) 5000mah 30C lipo battery 238 grams 130x43x18mm XT60 Plug, 10AWG discharge wire

RC Jetwerx 3S 3300 30C Lipo

№: rcj3s3300

RCJETWERX brand 3S 3300mah 30-60c 280 grams 140x42x19 XT60 plug, 12awg, For use with SWH-80B turbine engine